Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fire at will

Good news.

The powers that be in the Irish media haven't heard about The Board's tyre-iron wielding rampages through the wild streets of Ballycummin, and have chosen to nominate him in the 2009 National Media Awards.

He's up against Miguel Delaney of the Sunday Tribune and Laura Noonan of the Irish Independent for the Young Journalist of the Year category.

*Sickly self-promotion bit*

He's also the only regional journo nominated in a national category, and huzzah kablah for that.

He has no chance of winning, of course, but the chance to plunder free wine from Trinity College and to represent the grubby regional media is nice all the same.


Ciarán said...

well done champ!

Anonymous said...

I hope you remember your sister for that other free ticket... I will couragesly aid you in drinking as much free vino as possible!