Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great American Investor

Finally, someone whose opinions people take seriously (i.e. not The Board) has fired a shot at the marketing jizz that would have us think that all there is to do in Limerick is play rugby.

Harry Fehily, he of Limerick Chamber of Commerce fame, has said that the campaign to portray Limerick as a rugby capital doesn't have any resonance in the US - where all the money is, natch - as they don't play, watch or understand rugby.

A fair point, albeit one driven on shamelessly capitalist petrol.

The Board has cranked his tongue for a while now at the generic, "G'wan Munster! From Peter's Haberdashery and Callaghan's Used Cars/Apothecary" mentality that has taken hold in this city since 2006. Businesses, like salubrious leeches, have clambered to be seen to have anything to do with Munster Rugby, just as Fianna Fail men gravitate towards the Dav:

Money has cheapened the object of our rugby affection into just another brand.

Having had a proper sit-down interview with Harry Fehily in the past, The Board can attest that he is a good-natured, hard working man, even if he is an arch capitalist.

Harry's point about Limerick Inc. getting into bed with Munster is the right one, for the wrong reasons. He'd much rather the PR people whore our rich arts and music scene to the Great American Investor.


Still, if that means we can one day go to a Munster game without having to run a gauntlet of salesmen with megaphones and over-enthusiastic radio station mandarins, The Board will be happy.

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