Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pistols at eleven

First of all, the proper story is here. Civil servants strike, witty placards poke fun at the Taoiseach, passing motorists beep the beeps of the righteous.

But I know what you really want to know is: Did anything kick off? Public reaction to this recession of ours, particularly what we think of the public sector, has almost created a third civil war.

(The second, of course, being the fallout from Saipan and the Cork City mob's subsequent, hilarious attempts to stage violent protests in support of their man Roy 'Bean' Keane)

Needless to say, when The Board was told by El Newso Editora this morning that he was to cover the CPSU strikes in the city, he came over all giddy. Fisticuffs were a-coming, surely.

It's been ages since I saw a good ol' Donnybrook, he recounted.

Did the expected hecklers from the private sector show up? Did the reticent, violent underbelly of middle class Ireland raise up and defecate the streets of Limerick with blood?


"Shame on you", one motorist stated before scampering off to the golf course.

With hindsight, The Board should have got himself a posse to go down and start a ruckus or twelve. The Board does not feel this would have compromised his ethics.

War, after all, is a great healer.

P.S. For more practical, bloodless ideas on how to fix the country, check out this week's Leader interview with Mike McNamara of the HSI Business School, better known to most of you as dance guru Mickey Mack of Saturday nights on 2FM fame. The Board has done many an interview in his time, but Mick was certainly one of the more interesting.

Plus, he was there that night in the Stella, and he told Bono that U2 was a crap name for a band. A man ahead of his time, it seems.

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