Wednesday, February 18, 2009


You see, that's more of it.

Apparently a train full of rugby players from St Munchin's College had to be abandoned near Dromkeen last night after one of the carriages filled up with smoke.


Fear not, they were all evacuated and driven to the city in safety.

This incident has only served to confirm The Chalkboard's firm belief that schools rugby players in the city have it too good.

An almost identical incident happened when the SMI junior side were driving down to Waterford for another of our recurrent hidings back in the day.

There we were, quietly listening to Diarmuid Enright's tape of two Moby songs loop over and over, when the mini bus filled up with smoke billowing from under the dash.

Were we allowed to stop, evacuate, shed a fear sissy tears and maybe ask teacher to take us back to Newcastle West in shock?


The response from the driver was "throw down the windows, t'will be grand." The bus didn't stop.

Now that's why we're tougher than you townies. Even when our modes of transport are trying to kill us, we march ever on.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, etc

Clearly West Limerick men shall inherit the earth.


Captain Crankypants said...

those SMI boys are hardy. One of them elbowed me in the throat playing rugby before, which is obviously the trademark of the newcastlewest mafia.

El Chalkerino said...

An elbow? You're lucky you didn't get bitten.

No joke, we did that too.