Monday, January 12, 2009

Arrest watch: Day 1

- In which the Chalkboard hides behind a baker's van to evade gardai on Catherine Street

The noose is tightening on the Southill shebeen, it would seem.

As the Chalkboard has been reminded on a near daily basis by his "friends" and colleagues in the local media, (and as the above, incriminating picture only slightly highlights) I too am in danger of arrest for availing of the facilities at Lilac Court.

I am resigned to my fate. But if the po-lice want me, they'll have to catch me.

As such, the Chalkboard is going to ground, taking on the persona of a one-man flying column.

But as the Board cannot so much as fold a t-shirt without burning something, he will be relying on the people of Limerick to take him in, shelter him from Armed Gardai and cook him spicy broth when the mood suits.
Those interested in harbouring this wretch of the night should e-mail:

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