Thursday, January 15, 2009

No country for old men

One week after Dell announced that it didn't want to make things in Limerick anymore, the true ramifications are starting to sink in.
In particular, it's starting to emerge that the company isn't offering as "generous" a redundancy package to workers as management and members of the Government first said they would.
They threw their numbers around last week, (six weeks pay for every year, capped at 52 weeks) and to be honest no one bothered to work it out. We reporters who had camped outside Dell all morning having the feet frozen off us heard a collection of numbers and assumed the sums would add up well.
They don't.
One disgruntled worker leaked details of her redundancy offer to the Limerick Leader this week, and the reality is almost stomach turning. (Read about the full breakdown here)
Dell are essentially paying their longest serving employees less out of their own pockets, because these workers are entitled to higher statutory redundancy from the Government.
To almost cut and run in this manner, after making billions from the efforts of the workforce Raheen over the past two decades and provide those same workers with such a paltry parting gift is disgraceful.
Dell are fully entitled under law to do so, of course. But this, coupled with alleged threats to sack workers who speak out, has severely tarnished how this company will be remembered in these parts.

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