Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore

What good is The Chalkboard if it can't give you all a squiz into how the bog standard regional newspaper is put together?

Not much good at all. No no.

Usual practice is to keep stum when asked how we do what we do. The first rule of Fight Club, etc.

The mystique of it all is part of the allure. People think this is glamorous; that perks and freebies have to be beaten away with feather trilbys dotted with press cards. They teach you all that in journalism school.

The heartbreaking truth lies somewhere in the middle. You do have to do a bit of swatting, but this is only to knock away the missiles that 'The Hogespot' feels compelled to hurl at you from three feet away.

Wednesdays, in particular, are fun.

The hours before the county edition goes to print are interesting.

"I'm going to murder you" Gets said a lot.

But not today. The Chalkboard plans to duck out at ten, claiming to be 'chasing leads' or some other romantic nonsense.

I'll actually be back with Francie and the lads in Southill. It's the only place where I can feel whole.


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dashoge said...

It's at least 4 feet