Monday, January 12, 2009

Left leg, right leg, the body will follow

The place is abuzz with rumour that Mary Coughlan will be visiting Limerick this week for discussions with Dell staff and management about how no one will have a job there anymore.
I assume someone is planning to throw a chair at her.
No politician has been able to cover themself in glory in all this, which is natural enough, given the holy state of ruin it's going to make of the place.
But few have been as inept as the Tanaiste.
I'm sure she's a nice person and all. I appreciate that she's been handed a prickly brief at a precarious time. I know that outside of the big portfolios, being in cabinet is generally a thankless job. And people are smart enough to recognise genuine feeling and endeavour on the part of our public representatives.
But the Tanaiste is losing political capital at a rate of knots through her actions in all this.
Did you see her performance on Primetime?
This woman isn't just tasked with spearheading inward investment and job creation in this country. She is our deputy leader.
For a person in that position to show such pithy disregard for the plight of hundreds of workers facing into such a chasm of uncertainty is appalling.

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