Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Avant le deluge

Not to be outdone by the worlds of music and satire, the Chalkboard is here, kicking and screaming.
The Chalkboard is the blunt, wonkish prong in the Limerick Leader's new blogging armoury. To its left is 'On The Beat' - a music and ents blog by our grubby music writer Alan Owens.
The Chalkboard will start off as a news/current affairs-based opinion blog with emphasis on local stuff. Though that job description is likely to fall apart very, very quickly.
Please note the likes and dislikes feature on the right of your screen. That will be updated when someone or something does enough to draw my ire.
If you have any opinions about this or anything else Limerick Leader related that start gnawing away at your soul, you can air them here.
I can guarantee that almost 80 per cent of them will be ignored.