Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's my fault too, you know

The Irish Open is gone from Adare, sure it is. In fairness, it's lost the owner of Adare Manor Tom Kane about €3 million over the past two years, so no one can really claim to be shocked at it all.

But I fear that I myself may have caused the final, fatal, flagrant financial blow to the Irish Open at Adare.

I had a press pass, you see, to this year's tournament. Well, technically it was the Sports Editor's, but we won't get into that.

Anyway, I finished all the work I needed to do there at about 9.15am on the Wednesday of the Pro-Am, but the pass was good for the whole weekend.

You can see where this is going.

Anyhoo, I used it to get in on the Saturday, because my cousin from the bogs of Kerry was around, and he likes his golf. I thought I'd humour him.

Now we're both Irish and both men, which means we're both pale-skinned and stupid.

No sun cream was bought, and as we started to cook on the back nine, we became desperate.

I flashed the press pass, ran into the media tent and stole eighteen bottles of water, sixteen of which ended up on my face.

Now, as I watch the Open shuffle off to the boring, land-locked midlands, I can't help but think I pushed it over the edge.

One must find a way to live with one's shame.

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