Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have at thee, wench

I feel like Henry V.

That is, if Henry V turned up at Agincourt with garden hoses, balloons and some slowly-cooling cream pie.

It was brought to the Board's attention yesterday by that lovable rascal and leader of men Bock The Robber that our blogs are, as yet, crap.

Not crap in the traditional sense, mind.

We're using Blogspot as our initial template, whilst the IT kinks are being found, beaten and thrown down Glentworth Street.

But Bock, like a samaritan parachuting onto the deck of the Lusitania, has warned us to get off, and get off now.

As such, the Board will be moving on to Wordpress soon, and then onto the Limerick Leader's own domain.

Will keep you posted with links, waffle, etc.


Nutboy said...

Not a bad start but needs more content ASAP.

NewsWire said...

Been using the older version of Blogger for 3 years, no major problems.