Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Limerick flirts with vegetarianism; insanity

Limerick likes ham. I think I'm not wrong in saying as much. Back in the day, ham, lace and docker sweat were our main exports.

But now that plastic pig meal has brought about the end of chops, pudding and the pig world as we know it, some serious questions have been raised.

Paul Craughan, of O'Connell's Butchers on Little Catherine Street, knows good pig. As he told the Leader here, the bad pig is gone and the good pig is a-coming.

But a handful of animal feed producers have knocked 3 per cent off our GNP, and many of us are just too heart broken after having to dump the six Dunnes sausages we were going to eat when we came back from the gym on Sunday night. Lifestyle changes are in order.

We could insist on eating only non-processed, fresh, organic meat. But the only way to ensure this is to systematically bite live cattle in the ass area.

We could go veggie, but then we'd be at the mercy of the potato blight again, and we all know how fun that is.

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KC and the moonshine band said...

I've eaten half a pig in the last four months, since the contaminant entered the piggy food chain. Black pudding, sausages, artisan sausages (80% pork, 20% artisan), bacon, chops, ham, salami, pork steak, trotters and various parts I don't want to contemplate in a cheap hotel breakfast last weekend. But I feel fine, no more oily than usual, awaiting bloods... How do the rest of you feel?

Bock the Robber said...

Congratulations on your new blog. Does the Limerick Leader have a policy on cursing?

Ger Fitzgibbon said...

The Leader don't have one as such. I, however, curse up a storm at the best of times. I expect it to continue.

NewsWire said...

I love my rashers! Link added to yee our end. Great to see new blogs from the mainstream

The Hangar Queen said...

Lovely job.
Let's have a test of the cursing policy.

Ah one and a two and fuuuuu

Ha!..just playin' sham.