Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Barcelona to Ballynanty

There's a match on this Saturday. You may have heard. That lot up there will be going. The Mayor will probably be going. 'On the Beat', 'Stuff and Nonsense' and the editor will be going.

The Chalkboard will not be going.

The Chalkboard still hasn't been in Thomond Park since it was re-opened. I've been around it, I've been under it, but not in.

But it appears my opportunities to do so are likely to increase in the near future. Leaving jokes about Elton and his Rod aside, it seems that Thomond Park are looking to get a few high profile soccer teams to drop anchor at Hassett's Cross. Celtic, Barcelona, a Vatican XI, and the Limerick Leader's crappy inter firm side have been mentioned.

It seems perplexing, therefore, that the Scottish FA are hoping to make a joint bid with their Wales and Norn Iron counterparts to host Euro 2016.

Perhaps they're still upset at how we were the lump that sank their bid for Euro 2008. But it is abundantly clear that between Croke Park, the new Lansdowne and Thomond Park, Ireland is far more qualified to be the junior partner in hosting the Euros than those damn Welsh.

Of course, the current situation suits the Board, who garners far too much enjoyment from insulting/slapping Scottish people.

The Board wishes this to continue.

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