Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Behold a pale horse

I've decided to come to my senses and set my money on fire.

No, seriously, think about it.

Ten to twelve seconds of bright light and warm fingers would be a far more productive use of my legal tender than backing these Godforsaken horses.

A good tip Gavin, really? Casey Jones in the 2.40, huh? 12/1 is a good price is it? Worth a fiver each way, is he?

Tearing off my own face with cheese wire would make more sense.

If Alexander Severus doesn't win in the 4.40 The Board will place a bomb in his shoe and kick John McCirick in the rump.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever trust that Beasley lad. Has cost a bunch of his work colleagues over €2,000. We should have stopped listening to him a long time ago.

I agree with the comment, there a better uses for your legal tender.

El Chalkerino said...

I assume you took his kneecaps as payback