Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Life of Kings

Set aside your grief, people of the world. Bury your pithy concerns about human trafficking and de-forestation and AIDS. Why? Because Lambo is hurting.
Yes, the Irish incarnation of Glenn Beck and Fatman Scoop rolled into one has decided, after much "soul searching", that he will do his patriotic duty and take a ten per cent pay cut.
In so doing, Ryan becomes the last of RTE's egotistical, over-paid top brass to voluntarily accept a pay cut that has already been in effect for junior staff for weeks. Lambo, God have mercy on his soul, will now have to find a way to manage on slightly under €500,000 per year.
A hero of our times, you say. A leader of men, you declare. Truly this man should be President. But it wasn't an easy decision. No no.
Ryan spoke at length with his children before making the decision, according to The Irish Times. Teenagers, lest we forget, are the true oracles of fiscal prudence.
In announcing the decision to his listeners this morning, whilst presumably posing for a specially-commissioned Bayeux tapestry detailing his own magnificence, Ryan beautifully stated:
"It has made it an honour for me to be sitting in this seat and all along you have never steered me wrong. You have made me smile, you have slapped me across the wrist where appropriate but you have always kept faith"
Siegfried Sassoon could not have written more eloquently about tragedy and human spirit.
How privileged we are in this country to have a national broadcaster that rewards principle, objectivity and modesty in its broadcasters.

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