Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rule Britannia

The Board is disappointed that for all the literature in our blood and the wit on our tongues, we Irish have still not found a slogan for these times of guilt and recession.

Usually, the world reveals itself to a Celt once he is staring at his own doom. Bagenal Harvey and the pikes. Oscar Wilde and the curtains.

Yet here we are, in the land of uber-branding, a place where a man's posters say more than his words ever will, and we're still waiting on the punch line.

Were Bernard Manning not a) British and b) dead, he would give us a one liner about dirty Poles, a fat man's chuckle and some fatherly reassurance.

Don't ever let them stop you laughing, son.

However The Board is now tired of waiting for the Irish to make a t-shirt of George Lee's face above Richard Pryor's line of defiance: "I ain't dead yet, motherf*cker"

As such, he has decided to join his former English brethren by purchasing a 'Keep Calm And Carry On' t-shirt, having read about them with glee in yesterday's Guardian.

The Board grew up in London, so when the occasion warrants it he can get away with trimming in behind some wartime austerity from Her Majesty.
Carry on, indeed.

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