Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Words of hatred

This is Joe Lynch. He is the chairman of the Republican Sinn Fein branch on the southside of the city.
Below is Joe Lynch's comments on Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness' call for co-operation with the PSNI in relation to the brutal and indefensible murders of two soldiers and a policeman in the North by the cowardly swine of the Real and Continuity IRA.
Consider it another example, if we need one, of the mindless and intellectually hollow thinking that drives these people.
The brazen political hypocrisy of the Adams and McGuinness Provisionals
has now reached a new sickening low with their call to inform to the police in
the ongoing conflict in the Six Counties, a spokesman for Republican
Sinn Fein said today.

Joe Lynch from Beechgrove Avenue in Ballinacurra Weston in Limerick, the RSF chairman in the southside of the city said that the comments of both Adams and
McGuinness in the wake of the army attack exposed the real feelings of
men who once were considered Republicans.

They now want people to inform to the police in order to protect their huge
political payments and their positions of power under the British Crown, he said.

The fact is the Republican Movement they joined is still intact despite their best efforts at destroying it by selling out and surrendering to the British and accepting partition and British occupation. For as long as British troops remain in Ireland they
will be opposed by the Irish people.

Their weasel words ring out at a time when they are also commemorating the Gibraltar Three who were executed by British State agents in this ongoing war against the British occupation in Ireland. Adams and McGuinness have the gall to parade to the graves of men and women who died in the cause of Irish freedom while
acting as agents of the British Crown against true Republican people.

The operation at the British Army barracks in Antrim finally exposes the real nature of these so called figures in Republicanismwho are now so compromised that the have to do the bidding of the British.

Not only should they stay from Republican graves this weekend and in future, they should also cease using the name Sinn Fein because they have disgraced it.

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