Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snowy, isn't it?

A touch of snow in Limerick City this morning, as you may have noticed. These are some of our own pics, taken by Adrian Butler. If you have any of your own, follow the link here and we'll stick them up on the main website.
On a side note, The Chalkboard had another victory in his ongoing Jihad with On The Beat this morning.
The grubby music writer thought he would throw down with a few snowballs after coffee in the White House this morning.
But The Board, with an arm like Roger Clemens, landed a few upside his head and sent him back to his desk with a slushy jumper and a flag of surrender.

1 comment:

Moesie said...

Greetings from Boston!! How do you like the snow?? We just had 8 inches on Sunday...your's must have fled across the sea! Sorry about that!

You pictures are great..brings me right back to Limerick City..we have ties out in Barrington's Bridge. With luck, we will be back there this fall...

Till then....Best Regards,
Maureen Maloney