Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something Unscripted

Fresh from the oily tinker box that is the Limerick Leader's entertainment corner comes the most exciting news since the moon landing.

Jurassic Five are coming to Limerick!

Well, one of them is.

Akil (The short one) is going to be performing a solo MC set at The Belltable on March 27. Allow me to lead the first celebratory cry.


As a 23-year-old male with far to high an opinion of himself, The Board has his vices. Foremost of these is a love of post-revival ensemble hip-hop.

Every morning, before he sets off to work to spin his words every which way, The Board spends nine minutes sitting in his car with J5's 'Power in Numbers' and 'Quality Control' and A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight Marauders' and 'The Love Movement' in his hands, trying to pick his 7.30am ear-gravy.

The Board admits that he got a little light headed when he heard rumours that J5 might be coming to Limerick. (They disbanded in 2007, of course, and re-forming seemed to be off the agenda). And even though it will just be Akil and his face fuzz making an appearance on Cecil Street, we are still pleased.

All credit to Joanne Beirne at the Belltable and Eight Ball for giving me a reason to wish away the next 24 days.

One can only hope that Eight Ball's press release, guaranteeing a spatter of J5 classics in Akil's set, is accurate.

'Hey', The Board feels, is on a par with 'Electric Relaxation' as the finest smooth-joint of the past 20 years.

We thought we'd come a little different/Somethin' unscripted/Push up our percentage/Rip it like we meant it/Vintage verses sentence wordsmith/Here with no delay/Relax and don't decay/Turn to the DJ/He can make ya people say...Hey...Hey


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